Exploring the golden nuggets of our identity in Christ Jesus so that we can manifest, "As He is, so are we in this world" (1 John 4:17).
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We are a royal priesthood, a holy nation. What do our garments look like? Are we putting on the royal garments of the high priest? Are we unveiling Jesus Christ in us to others so that the glory of the Lord in them that had been hidden can now be seen?
Moses was told by God to clothe his brother and his brother's sons for the job they would be doing to honor and serve the Lord.
Many times individuals of the body of Christ are not functioning in their purpose and calling on the earth because they have yet to meet a believer in Christ that has clothed them with their royal garments of glory. Instead, we are busy telling them how to change their ways to be a better Christian.
Today is a very special day for all humanity: Jews, Christians, and Gentiles or a believer

of another faiths for today is the day appointed by God to seal the Book of Life.
The Apostolic ministry of the body of Christ has a purpose to
release the paradox of height and direction for the body. Be aware of your
territory the Lord has placed you in. What is the atmospheric condition? Much
of the body of Christ is busy dealing with storms and crisis from the position
of fear and exhaustion wondering when it will end. The Lord tells us to fight
the battle from His position of rest, praise, joy, love, righteousness, and
peace. What we find out is from that position, the battle has already been won. So how to we get there resting in HIM?
We go through seasons of development, training, discipline that has placed boundaries for us
to abide in this world as babies and children. We come to Passover; we now have
the ability to crossover from those growing up in the world's boundaries to unveil
our personal identity with Jesus Christ that is set apart from the world's
patterns. This would be like a bar mitzvah or the puberty years. Jesus has
washed our feet making us all clean (John 13:8-10).
I believe there are hidden treasures in our Christ life that the church has yet
to discover which are found in counting the omer.
Dr. Audrey Drummonds • Holy Spirit
We are at a crossroad of change, a destiny that we have not traveled before. BE PREPARED! FAST and BUILD an ALTAR as a pillar to the Lord that this bridge will not be crossed again. We cannot recycle or recirculate where we have been if we desire to move on with God. This altar that we build for God must have a personal foundation that cries out to God, "Change my heart Father."

Every time God wanted to do something new, He would call a peculiar people to build an altar, make a sacrifice, and worship God by offering a sweet smelling savor to the Lord. God honors the altars and pillars of our lives.

In each of us, there is a flame in our heart that does not go out. For every delay, every disappointment, God will bring back double in ways that we could not do when we allow our heart to become the altar of fire which has the ability to purify our soul. The words that come out of our mouth are the essence, the aroma, of the offering we offer unto God.
Dr. Audrey Drummonds • Holy Spirit
Who do you say "I AM?" These two words are your identity with the Father through Jesus Christ. They carry the weight and the power in you to change the atmosphere of time and space. What we do with these two words will determine whether we create Life or Death for it is the words that follow "I AM" that will determine if we are sowing seeds of LIFE or seeds of death into our atmosphere and domain. When we accepted Jesus Christ as our personal savior we did not have a tangible experience that determined the evidence of accepting Jesus as our redeemer. Yet, we each personally experienced a transformation of our spirit quickened into a new life that was so real and personal to each of us that we know that we know. This power and wisdom of God that came into our lives was so real, though not visible or tangible, that it caused a change in our lives creating us into a new creation in Christ.
Dr. Audrey Drummonds • Spiritual Warfare
Epistles, chapters in the book...testimonies, are personal experiences of what Jesus Christ did for you while you were in a situation that only God could receive the glory.

A personal experience, a testimony, becomes a city by the actions of joining together as one with other testimonies. This is the church of the city of the New Jerusalem we read in Revelation that John wrote about. The city of God or the bride/wife of Jesus Christ on the earth filling the earth with His glory.

God is not interested in words from the churches that bring division and separation to the body of Christ, but THE CHURCH that has a covenantal spirit of unity with the foundation that Jesus Christ is Lord.

Dr. Audrey Drummonds • Healing
People need people, but connecting to the right people will determine how we grow and develop our God given destiny of why we were born at a certain time in His story.

The natural pattern of socialization with those that we connect with to help us to grow and mature begins usually with our parents and siblings. Then we reach out to our extended families of grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. From there we have friends, teachers, bosses, co-workers, acquaintances, and strangers that are part of our everyday lives. Most churches teach their members to prioritize their lives by putting God first, spouse second, then children, and extended family. Afterwards are friends, co-workers, acquaintances, and strangers. This may be the pattern of a nuclear society, but when it comes to overcoming acute death at the door issues of life, Jesus did not use this pattern.Who did Jesus have in his inner circle to bring forth life from death?
Dr. Audrey Drummonds • Jesus Christ
History has shown us that the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke were written within a very close time period around 60A.D. before the fall of Jerusalem. The Gospel of John comes along approximately 20-25 years later written around the same time that the Book of Revelation and the Letters of John are written.

An interesting assessment of these four Gospels is that Mark was written first, and then Matthew uses Mark's writing and plugs in his version and understanding. About the same time, Luke is doing the same thing. This is why we can read the same events in these three Gospels, but each one has some variation. Then we have John's Gospel almost a generation later and after the destruction of Jerusalem.

What we will find is John didn't change anything that the other three had written, but he plugged in some key information that without it, we would be missing the links of what the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ was all about.
Dr. Audrey Drummonds • Holiness
The Kingdom of God has never changed. We may hear words that doctrines and traditions have considered vital that have carried us through seasons of change throughout history, but the Kingdom of God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. We may find ourselves comfortable fellowshipping with certain groups of people that have similar knowledge of God's testimony allowing us to lift and edify one another in that knowledge, but this is not the fullness of His Kingdom. We must be cautious not to judge the difference, but to unite the foundation rock of God's Kingdom: The resurrected LIFE of Jesus Christ who is the head of the body of Christ (Colossians 1:18).When Jesus Christ is our Lord, we become a part of His diverse membered body called Christ (Romans 12:5). His body only has the Holy Spirit. Any other spirit that rules in His body grieves the Spirit of God in us.The big picture is that the Spirit of God is not leading and guiding, and the house of God is being shared by others.
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