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One "Word" Thoughts is a page that will take a word from scripture that is used traditionally in a literal and theological realm, and expand the possibilities of understanding that will bring Life, Love, and Light to the scriptures. It will be up to you to allow the Holy Spirit to bring forth understanding to the things of God that are foolishness to the natural mind's understanding.
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Recently, I did an in depth study on the Book of Romans. When I got to the last chapter I was fascinated with all the names that Paul mentions in his writing. My usual response would be to just skim over these, but I pondered with the thought that if it was in the Bible there must be more revelation I needed to know than just peoples' names, so I did some research. I hope the following information will be useful and enlightening to your understanding of this chapter:

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A common mathematical equation is:

IF: "A" = "B" and "B" = "C" and "C" = "D", then "A" = "C" and "D"
Let's replace A, B, C, and D with:

A= God is the Word (John 1:1)
B= God is Light (I John 1:5)
C=God is Life (John 1:4)
D=God is Eternal (Deuteronomy 33:27)
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The Hebrew word "Atah" means "you". This word is used as the second person masculine singular, but it is also the word used as a pronoun when addressing God in prayer. The Hebrew language believes that every "you" spoken contains within it echoes of the "Eternal You" inside your body.
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Who is the real accuser of the brethren?
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Christianity gives a picture of this word as eternal damnation. The Hebrew word for perish is "avad". It is translated as escape, fail, flee, and lost. It implies desolation, downfall of nations, withering away of crops, fading away of strength, hope, wisdom, knowledge, and wealth.
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The highest level of glory a Father can receive is to see the fullness of his own identity manifested in his sons.
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I Corinthians 12:6, "And there are diversities of operations, but it is the same God which worketh ALL in ALL."
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The ministry of the Apostle Paul was different from the religion that was preached by the Jewish men who were presenting the law. There is a vast difference in Old Testament concept of Judaism and the New Testament understanding of grace.
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