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RE:What Do You Do For God?
September 28, 2002 at 5:00 PM
This is a misconception, there is nothing you can do for God. Too many people and ministries think they can DO things to impress God, that is fallacy. God is not impressed by your doing. Jesus already did all that needed to be done. Most of the doing within church circles today is just to keep members busy doing, doing,to distract them from the truth of the word. That is not requested of you.
Anybody that thinks they can do things for God is reducing God into the image of man and into a system of works. Very few ministries really understand the sovereignity of God in all things therefore they are into the "doing for God" stuff. I would say that 90% of people that say "God said" are doing that from their own ego and human perspective. It is time to wake up and seek God and stop all the doing to "impress God" These "how to" books are of no benefit, but to the authors who make money out of that. Jesus Himself said "no-one comes to me unless the Father draws him" - so all our efforts and works are in vain unless the Father does the drawing.
I agee there is a place for everybody in the Body of Christ , the bible clearly states that. But to ask the question :"if God should give you a paycheck, what will it be" is to imply that you earn things from God which is heresy. Most of the teaching in the church today is around this area, :"what can you do for God" - as if God needs any help. They are seeking the hand of God (His provision, His healing etc) But very few seek the face of God, with that comes a fullness of the understanding of God, and responsibility, as well as accountability. Many of todays so called prophets are not accountable, they prophecy things to the Body and when it does not come to pass, just subtly change what has been said. It is time to call them to accoutability. Dont forget that the bible says "work out your OWN salvation with fear and trembling" - you are responsible for your own salvation not someone elses. Only God can and will do the drawing. The problem is that we have been trying to do the Holy Spitit's work as well as the Father's work. "I had an altar call and got so many people saved today" I witnessed and got so many people saved today" - The fact is that you did not get anybody saved. Nowhere in the bible does it state if you "just pray the sinners prayer" you are saved. What happens is just someone repeating a prayer after you.
When the Father does the drawing you come to salvation because of His sovereign power and not your works.
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