What Is The Holy Spirit Telling You?: Church Life

RE:Help..with this issue
August 14, 2003 at 4:43 PM
When you let others know that you need help and they only give verbal assent that they care it is painful. After all, you extended yourself and they did not also extend themselves.

In your case I'm wondering whether or not you were direct enough in asking for help. Sometimes we think that explaining why we cannot get to Church is asking for a ride. It is not. Asking for help in transportation needs to be done directly.

It sounds like they DID extend themselves but you did not get to the point. "I need a ride to Church. Can you pick me up?" will probably get you a decisive response. Saying that "transportation is a problem" isn't clear enough.

Finally, you really need to acknowledge any sin on your part. Getting bitter towards the Church is the Evil One's favorite way to peel you away from the fellowship. Don't do it!!

I have learned that asking directly for help gets me results. If you asked everyone and no one responds, go to a closer church. :)
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