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The Perfect You

Sylvia Pearce

What most Christians don't know is that there is a second operation of the Cross that totally delivers us from this insidious lie that falsely holds us in captivity. Colossians 1:20 declares that the blood of Christ reconciles us back to God, and cleanses us from all our sins and gives us peace with God, however in verse 22 Paul brings out the second operation of the Cross. "In the body of His flesh, He might present YOU holy, unblameable and unreproveable in His sight." It is one thing to know we are forgiven by faith in His precious blood, but it is a far deeper level of knowing to know that the human container is holy, total and complete. Yet this is the oneness that Jesus prophetically declared in John 17:21-23, "I in them, and thou in me, that they may be made perfected in oneness."

In the beginning stage of our walk with Christ, we know that we have the forgiveness of our sins, and we have the life of a wonderful Savior living in us, however it is a far deeper truth to know that we have an equally total and complete human you containing and expressing our wonderful Savior. Yet it is right here that most Christians get snagged and even stopped. Most of us love and worship the Savior that saved us, but we hate the human self that He saved. There is something definitely very wrong with such a contradiction. Paul clears it up in Colossians 1:27-28 for it says that we have a total Christ living His life in us, and verse 28 goes on to say that he (Paul) teaches and warns every man in all wisdom; that he might presents every man perfect in Christ Jesus. A perfect Christ in a perfect man! Wow! What a revelation!


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